How to Develop Android App : Easy Way to develop an Android Application

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How to Develop Android App : Today we are going to tell you about how to develop Android App. If you want to develop your own application, then this article is going to be very useful for you, because we will tell you about such best website from where you can easily develop your own Android app.

Developing Android apps is very easy. To develop android app, you have to know some things. If you haven’t developed any app yet, you can develop your own app without spending any money from the website mentioned by us.

How to develop Android app

How to Develop Android App

Now we are telling you about some of the best websites from where you can develop the best app you want and you will not have to spend any money on developing android applications from these websites.


If you want to develop a professional android app, then this is a very good website through which you can create your own android app, in this you can develop your own application for free and also without coding.

If you publish that app on the play store, then you have to spend some money for it.


This is a very useful website for those people who have WordPress blog because with the help of this you can develop a great app for your WordPress website without any coding. In this you can develop your own app for free. There is no need to spend.


If you want to develop professional app without coding then Andromo is very good option for you, in this you can develop a good app without any coding, that too without spending any money.


If you do not know coding at all and if you want to create an advanced app, then this website is very good for you. You can also create design for your android app.


This is also a very good website for Android App development. In this you can create your own best application in just one minute without any coding. In this you will not need programming at all.

You can create a professional app from this website and upload it to play store and earn a lot of money by placing your ads in it.

From the above mentioned website you can develop your desired android application and when your application is created, after that you can also upload it on play store so that more and more people can download your application.

Advantages of Android App Development

If you make your own app, then you can get many different benefits from it, we are telling you about some of these benefits:

  • With this you can promote your business.
  • With this you can earn online.
  • With this you will be able to earn money by selling your own app.
  • This increases your knowledge a lot.
  • This is a very good way to earn money sitting at home.

How to earn money by Developing Android App

You can earn money in many different ways by developing Android application, we are telling you some easy ways by which you will be able to earn money easily.

Make Money By App Advertising

There are many companies that show their ads on Android app and you are also paid for this, you can earn very good money from your app sitting at home by placing advertisements of such company.

Earn Money By selling the App

If you have an app of your own and many people like it and many people have downloaded it, then you can also sell such app. There are many companies, who like to buy this type of application and for this the company also gives you a lot of money.

Earn money by developing apps for others

If you want, you can give it to other people by making an app, for this you can take money from people, the better your app is, the more your customers will increase and your earnings will also increase.

Through Affiliate Marketing

If you want, you can also do Affiliate Marketing in your application, many companies selling online products give you the facility of Affiliate Marketing. You will also get commission.

In this way you can very easily create your own android app through these websites and earn money through it, if you upload your app in play store. So many people can download your app from there and use it.


In this article, we have given you information about how to develop an Android App. We hope that you will definitely like the information. If you like the information then share it with your friends.

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